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Waimea String Replacer

Waimea String Replacer is a powerful tool to modify line based text files in a batch process. Typically those files are program sources, XML files, etc.
Waimea String Replacer processes all files of a given directory or even of a list of directories in one pass. You may define filters for file types or file names. The processing of files in subdirectories is supported.
You can perform one or more string replacements in one pass. At the same time you can trim spaces from line start or line end.
Waimea String Replacer is available in German and English.
String replacements
You may perform more than one replacements in one pass.
The replacements may be restricted to following line positions:
  • Anywhere
  • Only at start of line
  • Only at end of line
  • Only at a defined position in line
Replacing control characters
You may replace control characters or a mix of text and control characters.
Control characters have to be defined as escape sequence. Typical sequences are:
  • /n Linefeed
  • /t Tab
Other operations
The following optional operations are available:
  • Remove empty lines
  • Remove leading spaces
  • Remove trailing spaces
  • Remove leading tabs
  • Remove trailing tabs
File name filters
You may define filtes to restrict files to be processed:
  • File name filters
  • File extension filters
  • Wildcards for names and extensions
  • Older than a reference date
  • Younger than a reference date
Confirm every file
To prevent that files are processed which are not indented to be changed, you may add an option that causes file to be confirmed manually before beeing processes.